Product Dyno Review

If you sell Digital Products online, anything from eBooks and training, to plugins, desktop tools or web based, software services etc. I think you are about to fall in love with ProductDyno.

Do you know why?

Because it has built services from the ground up to make your life easier. To help get your products into the marketplace faster. And to smooth out all those “bumps in the road” vendors like you face every day when you sell online.

Businessman drawing strategy concepts

It simplifies your product delivery, protect and secure your valuable content and seamlessly connect your customers to your marketing messages. I can guarantee your profits today and your success going forward continues to soar!

ProductDyno is all about connections. It’s bridging the gaps between sales and delivery, and removing any obstacles between your next great ideas and getting it into the hands of as many people as possible. ProductDyno gives you everything you need ALL IN ONE PLACE.

  • Connecting your payment processor to beautiful, custom branded and secure download pages.
  • Giving you the ability to expand your reach by selling across multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Integrating each sale with your auto responder services.
  • And including, transactional emails, member management, licensing, powerful web hooks, and time saving automation.
  • Even a robust and flexible API.

Everything together to ensure as your business grows it will be with you every step of the way.

For more details, please check out the honest ProductDyno Review.

How to Maintain Vinyl Windows

Even if your windows are still relatively new, it is important to know that how much they last depends largely on how they are used and the maintenance on them.

It is common knowledge that when you buy new vinyl windows, it should come with a guarantee of at least 20 years. But what most owners do not know is that the warranty does not cover human negligence or misuse leading to breakages. It is also true that most of the problems related to the window are not the result of the installation, they have something to do with poor management by the owners.

And while vinyl is a durable material, it is also very fragile and can be damaged over time. This is why good maintenance is important to ensure that your windows will last for a longer time.

Window maintenance begins with correct operation

Most of the time, frames or window frames bow, bend or break due to improper handling when closing or opening the windows. And although these problems tend to occur over time, each window has its own unique operating characteristics that allow it to run properly and efficiently for a long time. Did you know that it is better to close the sliding windows with both hands? A project inspector should examine the performance of the window when doing completion inspection.

Cleaning the vinyl exterior

A major advantage of vinyl as a window material is that it is relatively maintenance-free in terms of cleaning. The outside of your windows will usually be clean of dust and dirt with rain. However, cleaning your frame every year or even twice a year can help eliminate excess dirt and prevent discoloration or deterioration of the frames.

The vinyl exterior can be washed with mild soap or diluted detergent solution. As with glass surfaces, try to stay away from solvents or abrasive acids because they can discolor or burn the upper seal of vinyl components. Pay attention to the materials used for cleaning. A soft bristle brush should be sufficient to clean the windows. After washing the windows with soap, rinse off the solution with clear water to avoid residual soap drying on the vinyl.


a Miami roofing company 1. Improving air quality

Extensive planting is widely recognized as a means of improving the air quality in cities. So, green roofs has contributed to the reduction of polluting air particles, through the plants themselves and by deposition in the growing medium itself.

Because plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen, green roofs usually reduce the heat island effect, which causes ozone production. Green roofs also remove airborne particles, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals.

2. Wildlife and biodiversity

Green roofs are essentially of great benefit to biodiversity, even more than the traditional roofing methods. Most green roof manufacturers advertise green roofs as benefiting wildlife, although there are little evidences to prove this. Though, off the shelf green roof systems usually provide benefits for wildlife when compared to non-green roofs, research has shown that green roofs must be designed to meet a specific local biodiversity conservation objective.

3. Conservation of energy to improve thermal performance

The system of green roof was recognized as providing greater roof insulation and thermal performance for the buildings they are on. However, it can vary depending on the time of the year and also on the amount of water held inside the system.

In summer, cooling poorly protected and insulated roofs may lead to significant overheating of spaces beneath them and it can lead to the need for increased air-conditioning. Therefore, a green roof will act as an insulation barrier and also, the plant processes, which is photosynthesis, evapotranspiration and soil processes, will reduce the quantity of solar energy absorbed by the roof membrane, thereby leading to cooler temperatures beneath the surface.

In winter, green roofs can help in reducing heat loss from buildings when the activity of plants, air layers and the whole specific system create heat and through this, providing insulation membrane. But the effectiveness of a green roofs as a thermal barrier depends on the amount of water that is held within the system.

4. Health

There are evidences that proved that physical and visual contact with natural greenery provides some benefits to people. The benefits includes mental benefits like reduction of stress and physical benefits such as the provision of cleaner air. When in direct access to green space, it can bring about reductions in a person’s blood-pressure and heart rate, thereby aiding general well-being. A study of post-surgery patients recovery in hospitals has shown that recovery was faster and with a low chance of recurring if patients were able to look out onto green space. Some American hospitals have also been redesigned to make these benefits available to patients, and were rewarded with moire patient through put.

Thanks for reading and hope to make it work for everyone, so we can switch to green living :). Article inspired by a Miami roofing company publication on green living.


Striking a perfect mix of beautiful and functional in a room can be very tricky, especially when you have a small space to contend with. This is why designing a compact bathroom remodel requires detailed planning. Thankfully, there are plenty of clever space-saving bathroom designs on the market now and with a little design technicality, your small bathroom can be beautiful. Consider the following options to increase space in your bathroom.

1. Mirrors

Reflective surfaces usually bounce the light off and then give the illusion of space. Therefore, consider mirrored cabinets and doors with one or two reflective surface facing the entrance to your bathroom directly.

2. Basin

Use a compact cloakroom basin or corner basin which doesn’t extend so much and dominate the room.

3. Shower

If you are looking to save space in your bathroom,  do not install shower cubicle doors that open out into the space because they can be difficult to manoeuvre around. In its place, consider a walk-in wet area for your shower, which won’t need a large space for installation.

4. Toilet

Consider installing a wall-mounted toilet because they don’t have a centre pedestal and upper tank. This will result in a sleeker design which will save you a major space.

5. Heating

Remove big chunky radiators that is taking up spaces in your bathroom space, instead, go for underfloor heating or slim modern styles.

6. Storage

Install wall-mounted units under your basin to hide unsightly pipework and also to provide storage space. You can also install a small shelf on the wall under the basin to keep toiletries and towels on.

7. Doors

Install sliding doors because they take up less space than the swing of a traditional door.

Other options include:

1. Wall cabinet

Using every inch of space in your small bathroom is essential. You can hang a handmade cabinet to make use of the empty wall space and also to store a variety of bathroom items in the compartments while still maintaining an organized look.

2. Storage Tower

A built-in storage tower will not only store several towels, it will also bring visual interest to your neutral bathroom. You can also place rolled towels in the compartments so as to add color and texture to the space.

3. Wall-Mounted Storage

Remove the clutter from the counter by hanging storage bins and shelves on the wall.


No matter its state, a luxe bathroom starts with cleanliness. A pristine shower, sparkling tiles and gleaming glass will make it feel like a five-star bathing experience every time you are in your bathroom. To give your bathroom some love and a professional treatment, use these easy DIY tricks, tips and solutions discussed by a bathroom designer in St. Louis during a visit to her company.

Steam clean

Deep clean your bathroom by spraying the tiles, walls and bench tops with a solution of one-part water and one-part white vinegar. After this is done, turn the shower taps on to hot and then shut the door. Allow the bathroom to steam for some minutes before wiping the surfaces down with a lint-free cloth.

Camouflage scuff marks

The type of stain you are treating will determine how to remove scuff marks from your painted walls. It is important to use a product that will not damage your wall or the paint.

Water-based stains like dead mosquitoes or wines will only need a damp cloth for removal. However, oil-based stains like cooking grease or cosmetics can need a little more grunt such as a sponge dipped in watered down dish-washing liquid or sugar soap.

Spotless shower

For a clean shower curtain, you can simply put it through the washing machine with a cup of baking soda or white vinegar and then hang it on the line to dry. Most top loader machine can be rough on some fabrics, therefore, include a white towel so as to protect the curtain. Also, you can fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, immerse your shower-head nozzle and secure it in place to deep clean it overnight. Remove it in the morning and rinse well. If your tap is mold-free, use dental floss to reach areas that are hard to clean before spraying with vinegar and rinsing in warm water.

Grime-free grout

If dirt is trapped between tiles, it can cause an ugly build-up and this can lead to bacteria growth. It can be challenging to remove once the grime has set in over time.

Though bleach cleaners are hygienic and effective, a more healthy choice is to make your own cleaning paste with baking soda and water. Work it into the grout using an old toothbrush, spray with your one-part white water and one-part vinegar solution, so that it froths up, and then brush away the build-up. Rinse with clean, warm water afterwards for best results.

Types of Chiropractic Therapy

best chiropractorBest Chiropractor constitute the 3rd biggest group of doctors in USA and treat about thirty million people yearly. With these big numbers, it is like that most people know a chiropractor or someone who visits one. However, many are unaware of the big range of therapy that goes on in a chiropractor’s office. Some of the best types of therapies are:

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a treatment that was primary introduced over hundred years ago as a treatment for distress. At initially, lots of professional were hesitant, anyway recent research has actually presented that electricity can reduce acute and chronic pain. There are 3 fundamental types of electrical excitement: Interferential Current, Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Excitement, and Galvanic Excitement.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic modification or spine manipulation is the most typical type of chiropractic therapy. To do this treatment, a chiropractic doctor will generally ask the patient to lie down on a specifically designed table. Then, with body manipulation, they will attempt to improve movement and decrease discomfort by lining up joints, mainly the spinal column.

Heat and ice

Heat therapy similarly has numerous advantages. If utilized in mixture with an injury, it is most advantage within 3-6 days of the accident. Chiropractic doctors also use heat therapy more commonly for pain relief and to alleviate muscle hardness. When heat therapy is used, the blood vessels become spread. This change then outcome in an increase in blood flow. The surplus of blood helps advertise relaxation, healing and adaptability in muscles.

Chiropractor can help manage pain and decrease swelling through ice therapies. Right use of this therapy can also help to reduce the waste products of affected cells.

Exercise therapy

Following a vehicle crash or other accident, it is vital to rehabilitate the body rightly to reject further problems or injury. Because of this, chiropractors will often advise exercise. Therapeutic use of exercise has many advantages including strengthening wounded muscles, increasing blood flow to wounded areas, restoring aerobic capacity, and helping patients feel confident in their capability to do day-to-day jobs. Various exercises can be prescribed by a chiropractor including walking, running, weight, swimming, and agility exercises.

Type of Basement Ceiling

Finishing a basement can be a huge undertaking. There are many choices to make when a basement is finished, including the color of the walls and the type of bathroom accessories.

Deciding what type of roof to install in your basement may not be a fun or exciting design effort, but it is one of the most important choices you will make. The type of ceiling you put in your basement will affect the entire household in terms of style and design and functionality and purpose.

There are basically two (2) types of ceilings for basements, drop or suspended ceiling (ceiling tiles) and drywall ceiling.

The drop or suspended tile ceiling for basements

There are many benefits to installing and finishing your basement with ceiling tiles. Also called false ceiling, the use of tiles in a basement is a popular way to complete the ceiling. Ceiling tiles today can range from old style school mottled beautiful geometric designs and even colors. Do not be afraid to look at installing a drop ceiling / because you might have some ugly image tiles of office space in your mind.

The main advantage of using a false ceiling or tiles is easy access to plumbing and wiring. A drop ceiling is just that, it is up to the floor joists in your basement space. Many homeowners prefer to have a lower ceiling in the basements, the plumping and wiring is usually installed in the space above and access is easy.

In the event of leakage of the plumbing, basement ceiling damage may be limited to only a few ceiling tiles in the basement. It is easy to replace damaged ceiling tiles, but it cannot be so easy to repair damage to a sheetrock roof.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a drop ceiling is the loss of free space. A suspended ceiling installation requires strapping or a hanging frame 4 or 6 inches of the floor joists. If you have a small space in the basement, you cannot install a fall or a suspended ceiling.

Your project manager will consider the plumbing and wiring and the current height of the basement, how much they may have to give a false ceiling to your basement.

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